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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 15

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

On our tour of Tamil Nadu, with the blessings of Swamiji, we had the darshan of many pious places and great saints. Swamiji was welcomed with adoration in every temple, peetham and ashram that we visited, which speaks volumes of Swamiji’s extraordinary stature. The God who is responsible for the functioning of this world was dressed in a simple koupina and was showing us His life-story, while taking immense care of us and making sure we were not deprived of anything. For every question and doubt we posed, He was very patient and clarified them in the form of experiences. Many great saints and yogis who understood Swamiji’s distinction, requested Him to stay back in their respective ashrams. I witnessed many such incidents. However, Swamiji always humbly rejected their offers, chose to live away from the éclat and lead an ordinary life.


For such a divine soul to be born, a great yagna was performed. In Madurai, the blessed couple Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu and Parvathavardhini performed Kameshwara Kameshwari Yagnam for the birth of a son. The yagna that lasted for about a year, proved to be quite expensive. This yagna was performed in the guidance of Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu’s guru Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar and Parvathavardhini’s father Trikalagnani Sri Bharati Swamy. On knowing that such a yagna was being performed, many saints from across the country visited Madurai to witness it. In this way, with the contentment of the Putrakameshti Yagam, on November 1st of 1939, the world was blessed with the birth of Sri Poornananda Swamy. He was named Sri Kameswaram at birth.

Swamiji was born in 7 Kadal Street, Madhurai. Madurai is also home to Sri Brahmananda Swamy’s peetham, which was later headed by Swamiji’s maternal gradfather Sri Bharati Swamy. Sri Bharati Swamy, who was originally named Sri Shankaranarayana, has a great history. He was born in Srivilliputtur and reached the sannidhi of Sri Brahmananda Swamy in Madurai as a child. Considering Sri Brahmananda Swamy as his guru, Sri Bharati Swamy served in the peetham’s kitchen for several years. Sri Brahmananda Swamy also conducted Sri Bharati Swamy’s wedding and foretold that this marriage will benefit the world. Sri Brahmananda Swamy chose Sri Bharati Swamy as his successor to head the peetham. With a technique called Nayana deeksha, Sri Brahmananda Swamy passed on all his wisdom and powers to Sri Bharati Swamy overnight. After Sri Brahmananda Swamy attained Mahasamadhi, many scholars present in the peetham questioned the abilities of Sri Bharati Swamy. For a while, many vedic scholars from around the country participated in debates with Sri Bharati Swamy, in an attempt to access his sagacity and capabilities. They were all astonished with Sri Bharati Swamy’s adeptness. They realized that Sri Bharati Swamy was the righteous successor to Sri Brahmananda Swamy and pleaded forgiveness.

After finishing our darshan in Sri Ranganatha Swamy’s temple, Swamiji took Raju garu and me to Madurai. Swamiji took us to the house in 7 Kadal Street in which He was born and to Sri Brahmananda Swamy’s peetham. While Swamiji narrated the stories of Putrakameshti yagnam and Sri Bharati Swamy, we had a feeling that it was happening at that moment, in front of our eyes. Swamiji spoke of the eminence of Madurai Meenakshi Amma’s temple while showing us around the temple premises. From Madurai, we left to Saattur, where Swamiji spent his childhood days.

Swamiji took us to the school He studied in and told us that His mother, Gurumata Parvathavardhini garu was residing in Saattur. I requested Swamiji that we should have her darshan as well. Swamiji gave me the address and left to the railway station, asking me to go alone. I reached the address and it happened to be the residence of Swamiji’s elder brother Sri Shankaranarayana garu. After I introduced myself and told him that I was sent by Swamiji, he took me to have Gurumata’s darshan.

Swamiji spoke of Gurumata Parvathavardhini garu on several occasions. Swamiji reminisced that she would recite the slokas of Durga Saptasathi as a lullaby and that she would do the Saptasathi parayana in all situations and at all times. She had the capability to speak about spiritual and philosophical matters at great ease, which could be easily comprehended by a layman too.

Gurumata Parvathavardhini (Mathaji)

I had the fortune of having the darshan of her, due to Swamiji’s blessings. But I was distressed on seeing her health condition. Her vision had almost completely vanished. I bowed down to her, bid farewell to Sankaranarayana garu and left. After giving it some thought, I trunk called my friend KBVG Krishnamurthy garu, who was also a devotee of Swamiji. I explained the health condition of Gurumata to him and expressed my desire to bring her to Srisailam. KBVG Krishnamurthy garu also was in favor of it and said that we should convince Swamiji in any way possible. I briefed Swamiji about Gurumata’s health and suggested that if she stayed in Swamiji’s proximity, her condition might improve. Swamiji initially did not agree to it. He told me that everything and everybody in this world meant the same to Him.

I requested Swamiji that if He agrees to take Gurumata to Srisailam, I will take care of her as my own mother. I pleaded Swamiji to give me the fortune to do service to her. Swamiji finally agreed to it and said that we can take her with us on our way back to Srisailam after completing the tour. We then proceed with our journey from Saattur.

After having Swamiji’s darshan in that year, I witnessed many extraordinary incidents and had the darshan of many great saints. However, I attained utmost happiness after having the darshan of Gurumata, who gave birth of my Guru.

|| Yaadevi Sarvabhuteshu Maatru Roopena Samsthitha

Namastasyay Namastasyay Namastasyay Namonamaha ||


to be continued...

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