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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 16

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

With Swamiji’s blessings, I was able to have Gurumatha’s darshan in Saattur. We then proceeded to Tiruchendur, one of the six kshetras of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy. This archaic temple is situated on the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal and Sri Subrahmanya Swamy takes the form of a Guru here. This temple holds a great importance in Swamiji’s lifestory. Swamiji narrated the same to His devotees on many occasions.


In the year 1961, Swamiji’s father and first guru, Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu sent Swamiji to Kalidaikurichi to pick up some important books related to Mantrashastra. As instructed by His father, Swamiji went to Kalidaikurichi from Saattur and found the books. As He was about to leave Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar garu’s house, Swamiji suddenly vomited blood. Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar garu’s family was extremely worried and asked Swamiji to stay with them till He felt better. Swamiji asserted that His health was fine and that something had happened to His father in Saattur. Swamiji wanted to leave to Saattur immediately but He was held back by Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar garu’s family for a week. Swamiji went to Saattur after a week and was told that Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu had attained Mahasamadhi a few days back. Swamiji was devastated on knowing that He was unable to see His beloved father for the last time. A grief-stricken Swamiji was prepared to leave His own body but was reminded of the domestic responsibilities that Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu entrusted to Him. From 1962, Swamiji took up various jobs to fulfil those responsibilities. It can be extremely strange that Swamiji, the Almighty who is ruling the universe, was working as an ordinary man! A supreme being and divine soul like Swamiji could summon the Goddess of Wealth at His will. But Swamiji never spared a thought towards materialistic living. Instead, He followed the footsteps of His father and chose to do a simple job to take care of His family.

Swamiji was respected and accolated at every job. In those days, Swamiji worked in a spinning mill in Bangalore. In 1963, the owners of the mill arranged for a car and big house for Swamiji. But Swamiji did not opt for those and chose to stay in a relative’s place. Swamiji was adept at every skill. Even the most renowned artists could be dazzled with Swamiji’s exceptional drawings. Stenography, writing and painting on sign boards were some of the jobs that Swamiji took up between 1962-1965. With the money that Swamiji earned, He also performed His close relative Smt. Chitra’s wedding in a grand scale. Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar garu’s family, who stayed in Kalidaikurichi, were very fondly attached to Gurumatha. For a while, Neelakantha Deekshitar garu’s granddaughters took care of Gurumatha. Even their financial condition was not so stable during that time. Swamiji took care of that family too and helped them in settling down. Around the same time, Swamiji’s brother Shankaranarayana garu also got a job and took Gurumatha with him to Saattur. Swamiji aced the Service Commission Examination and went to Tiruchendur to attend the interview. By the time of the interview, Swamiji lost His certificates and money. He walked to the Tiruchendur Subrahmanya Swamy temple and rested there for a while. Without realizing Swamiji’s presence, the temple’s priest locked the doors of the temple from outside and left. Swamiji spent the night inside the temple. In the early morning hours, hamsa namaskarams are performed at the temple’s dhvajasthambham before opening the doors of the main sanctum. After that, food is served to 11 brahmacharis and a special darshan is arranged for them. After losing His money the previous day, Swamiji had to spend the night on an empty stomach. Early in the morning, Swamiji bathed Himself in the sea and as He was waiting for Subrahmanya Swamy’s darshan, the head priest approached Him. The priest told Swamiji that on that day they could only find 10 brahmacharis and would be pleased to have Him as the 11th one, to which Swamiji agreed. After having the meal, as Swamiji went into the main sanctum, in place of Subrahmanya Swamy’s idol, Swamiji had the darshan of His father and first guru Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu. As an indication that Swamiji had fulfilled the family responsibilities as instructed by His father, a series of events had occurred which include Swamiji’s brother taking the responsibility of Gurumatha, Swamiji losing His certificates and Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu giving darshan in the Tiruchendur temple.

Sri Subrahmanya Sastry garu

From that instant, Swamiji either wanted to reach His departed father or leave His own body. With that in mind, He walked from Tiruchendur to Kalidaikurichi. Swamiji spent a few days alone by the adhishtanams of Sri Neeelakantha Deekshitar garu’s father and grandfather. From there, Swamiji travelled through Ambasamudram, Papanasanam, Agastyar falls and reached Pothigamalai. Swamiji performed intense tapas in the Varuna cave.

We had the fortune of visiting the Tiruchendur Subrahmanya Swamy temple with holds such eminence in Swamiji’s life. While showing us around, Swamiji talked about the temple’s history and His own story attached to it.

Swamiji is an exemplar in fulfilling one’s responsibilities towards parents, having immense devotion towards a guru and in helping out the troubled and needy. By leading the life of ordinary, Swamiji set a precedence for the whole world to follow.


to be continued...

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