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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

On the instruction of His guru Sri Rakhadi Baba ( Omkarananda Swamy) Sri Swamy Poornananda, on December 25th, 1968, started from His paramaguru Sri Nityananda Bhagavan’s abode Ganeshpuri and reached Shirdi first. On January 14th, 1969, Swamiji left Shirdi and travelled by foot through Tryambakeswar, Gangapur, Mantralayam, Kurnool, Athmakoor, Bayarlooti to reach Srisailam on February 26th. He stayed for 33 days in Srisailam and then reached Hatakeswaram, which was a jungle back then. Unlike today, it was extremely difficult to travel to Hatakeswaram in those days. The legend says that Sri Aadi Sankaracharya penned Shivananda Lahari at Paaladhaara-Panchadhaara, located near Hatakeswara Swamy temple. Swamiji arrived at such a prominent place like Hatakeswaram on April 2nd, 1969.


I am now narrating a tale which is about 50 years old. Owing to past-life fortunes and Swamiji’s blessings, in the month of April,1969, Kaarangi Krishnamurthy garu, Nandikotkuri Venkata Ramaraju garu, Chakrapani garu and I (BRK) had His divine darshan. We had no prior knowledge of spirituality and were only entranced by Swamiji’s heavenly appearance. We all had limited incomes and led very modest lifestyles. In order to have Swamiji’s darshan, we either had to walk all the way, take a bus till the junction and walk the rest or board any government-owned jeeps. In some such way, we managed to have His darshan every evening.

Swamiji slowly guided us onto the path of sadhana. We were unaware of practices like japa, tarpana and homam back then. We would just soak ourselves in the happiness of having His darshan. For the first time, Swamiji then taught us the slokam, “Sarvamangala Maangalye”.

Having to lead lives with meagre incomes, possessing a hundred rupees also was a matter of great pride then. I took the initiative of maintaining the Hatakeswara Ashram by spending 30-40 rupees monthly. We would also arrange for blankets and other essentials with the hope that Swamiji will use them, but in vain! Within a couple of days, Swamiji would give them away to somebody else.

Two other sadhus, Ramana Baba and Namahsivaya, also lived with Swamiji. With the intention of providing them a way to cook, we pooled money and bought vessels, rice and pulses. Having found that Swamiji occasionally drinks black coffee or tea and never consumes any solid food, we also bought coffee powder, tea powder and sugar. Swamiji chuckled on seeing the groceries that we took. We then suggested Ramana Baba and Namahsivaya garu to cook and left to our respective homes.

When we went back the next day, we found that all the vessels and groceries were vanished. On enquiring Ramana Baba what happened, he said,

Swamiji instructed that sanyasis should not cook, but should live on biksha. Swamiji gave the vessels and groceries to the chenchus (local tribes)”.

We were all disheartened that after acquiring all those things with great difficulty, they finally were given away to the chenchus.

Om Namahshivaya Swamy, Gajaanan Swamy, Swamiji, Ramana Baba

In this way, it was in Swamiji’s nature to donate everything away and to never keep anything for Himself. While staying in a small hut-like kuteer, Swamiji had two kaupinas, one towel, one box of vibhooti and one box of kumkum. These were the only possessions He had.


to be continued...

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1 Comment

Excellent description by Sri BRK Garu

We are very happy to know the greatness of Swamiji.

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