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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 20

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

With the blessings of Sri Swamy Poornananda, we had successfully finished our Tamil Nadu tour and returned to Srisailam along with Gurumatha and Sri Rakhadi Baba’s paadukas. After Swamiji reached Hatakeswaram, as promised, I took Gurumatha to our house. Since Swamiji asked me to keep Baba’s paadukas also with me, I had the fortune of taking the Gurupaadukas to our home too.


Gurumatha mingled with us effortlessly and became a part of our family. Apart from doing her chores all by herself, she also obtained great joy in cooking and feeding everybody. However, Gurumatha was quite unwell when we first brought her to Srisailam. She would barely sleep. One would always find her reciting Sri Durga Saptasathi or singing keerthanas. Since we were unaware of her food habits and the language, we found it difficult to understand her preferences and needs. Her poor vision and insomnia bothered me very much. I knew that Swamiji would be able to find a solution for the betterment of her health. But since I gave my word of taking care of Gurumatha by myself, with some hesitation about asking Swamiji, I slowly reached Hatakeswaram.

Swamiji was alone in the ashram when I reached Hatakeswaram. I pondered over how to ask Swamiji about Gurumatha’s health, as I slowly approached Him. Meanwhile, Swamiji asked if something was bothering me. I calmly said, “My mother is unwell Swamiji. Can you please suggest a remedy for the improvement of her health? “. Needless to say, Swamiji knew that I was enquiring for Gurumatha and not for my mother. With a sweet, subtle smile, Swamiji said, “There is a solution for this. I will tell you”.

For the betterment of Gurumatha’s health, Swamiji signified that kalasa pooja had to be done and instructed me to bring the necessary items for the pooja. By evening, I went back to Swamiji with an earthen pot, some herbs and other items that were required for the pooja. At dusk, Swamiji began the kalasa pooja. Until then, I had never heard about kalasa pooja. Swamiji continued the pooja all night and until the break of dawn. After sunrise, Swamiji asked me to bring my mother. I immediately left to Project colony, bathed myself and brought Gurumatha to Hatakeswaram in a jeep.

Swamiji performed abhishekam to Gurumatha with the kalasa water. On that day, Swamiji Himself cooked and fed lunch to Gurumatha. Assuring me that Gurumatha’s health will improve, Swamiji sent her back with me to our house. After that day, Gurumatha’s health started to improve. After a very long time, she had a peaceful sleep that night.

As Swamiji had foretold in Tamil Nadu, I was offered with a promotion at work. There was no further scope for the state government to promote me. There was an upcoming project in Pochampadu, under the central government. I was offered the role of Divisional Supervisor for that project. Swamiji’s words about me getting promoted came true in this way. Unwilling to leave Srisailam and Swamiji, I had rejected the offer. However, my colleagues and friends tried to persuade me into taking the offer by asserting that I would have a better future. But I could not be convinced and chose to reject the promotion. Without my knowledge, my colleagues and friends went to Swamiji and briefed Him about the promotion and my obstinacy to take it up.

As I was unaware of all this, following my usual routine, I visited Swamiji for His darshan that evening. Swamiji appeared to be angry and I nervously approached Him. Swamiji said to me, “Instead of spending time aimlessly, why don’t you do japam for a while? “. As soon as Swamiji said that, I took a quick bath in the pond nearby, draped a towel around myself and sat down on the porch that we had installed for Panchagni homam. Being a new-moon day, the entire forest plunged into darkness soon after sunset. I sat on that porch terrified that a wild animal might attack me. Adding to my worry of being attacked, I also did not know any mantram to start the japam. I shut my eyes tight and screamed the ‘Guru brahma..’ sloka out loud. I was hoping that my screaming would keep the animals away from me. By the time I finished chanting the sloka, Swamiji stood up and walked towards me. I opened my eyes and kept looking at Swamiji.

Swamiji then asked me, “What did you say now? “.

I said, “I recited a sloka Swamiji”, and chanted the ‘Guru Brahma..’ sloka once again.

With absolute innocence, Swamiji asked, “What is the meaning of the sloka?”.

Assuming great confidence like a scholar, I started explaining the meaning to Swamiji.

I said, “It means that Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu and Guru is Maheshwara”.

Swamiji immediately asked, “Who is this Parabrahma then?”.

After taking a moment to think, I replied, “In my childhood, my father told me a verse from Bhagavatham. The verse talks about the Parabrahma”.

I recited the verse,

Indhu kaladandhuledanna sandhehamu valadhu, chakri sarvopagathumdendhendhu vedhiki choochina andhande kaladhu

It means that one should not be doubtful that Parabrahma is present only in one place. Parabrahma exists in every place, every thing, every living being present in this universe. The sloka says that Guru is Parabrahma swaroopam, Swamiji”.

To that Swamiji questioned me,

“Oho! So, your Guru who is in Srisailam, exists in every place, living being and form. Wouldn’t He then also be present in Pochampaadu?”.

I was baffled and did not know how to respond to Swamiji’s question. On knowing that I had rejected the promotion with the fear of being away from Him, Swamiji had tricked me into accepting that Guru is omnipresent and all-pervasive.

Before I could say anything, Swamiji sternly said, “Get out!”. I instantly stood up and ran to the Hatakeswara Swamy temple. It occurred to me that Swamiji would not spare me if I did not take the promotion. The very next day, I accepted to be deputed into the central government.

In April 1969, I had my first darshan of Swamiji and time flew in His sannidhi. Being unaware of a Guru and His importance until that time, either by the good fortune bestowed upon me by my parents or by my own past life’s fortune, in that year I had obtained some priceless experiences and knowledge by being in Swamiji’s sannidhi. I was also blessed into having the darshan of many great saints throughout the year. By performing seva to Swamiji, not only was I rewarded with a promotion but Swamiji had also blessed my father into attaining mukti. The year 1970, that began with the welcome of Gurumatha and Gurupaadukas, was now taking me away from Srisailam and moving me to Pochampaadu.

B Radha Krishna Murthy garu with Sri Swamiji

to be continued...

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