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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 21

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

It is a matter of great significance to be blessed with the holy sannidhi of Sri Poornananda Swamy. It is obtained solely through Swamiji’s divine grace and our past lives’ fortune. Also, there needs to be a strong intent behind one having Swamiji’s darshan and being showered by His blessings. Every devotee has a compelling story and reason attached to their first darshan of Swamiji. Similarly, one of Swamiji’s closest devotees, KBVG garu also had a strong reason to visit Swamiji for the first time.


Before I moved to Srisailam, KBVG Krishna Murthy garu and I used to reside in Guntur. Since those days, we were the best of friends. We shared a very special bond. Before I started working, KBVG garu provided great help to me in acing the shorthand and typewriting examinations. For our respective jobs, I moved to Srisailam and he left to BHEL, Hyderabad. Even though separated by distance, we always stood by each other through thick and thin. KBVG garu, who had a respectable job at BHEL, faced an unexpected health issue in 1969. The doctors said that his condition was uncertain and that anything could befall him. They also declared that he only had a few months left to live. He was a married man with children. Explaining his plight, KBVG garu wrote a letter to me. By then, I had already had Swamiji’s darshan. After I briefed Swamiji about KBVG garu’s situation, Swamiji asked me to go to Hyderabad and bring him to Hatakeswaram. During that time, there were many protests and riots happening in Hyderabad. Amidst all those disturbances, KBVG garu and I kept praying to Swamiji and reached Hatakeswaram safely. Expecting that Swamiji might call KBVG garu at any moment, I asked him to stay in the Hatakeswara Swamy temple. In that way, KBVG garu spent three days in the temple waiting for Swamiji’s call. Doubting that Swamiji might not be willing to give darshan, KBVG garu was disheartened and decided to return to Hyderabad on the next day. On the evening of the third day, Swamiji asked me to bring KBVG garu. He had Swamiji’s divine darshan during sunset. Swamiji handed a few neem leaves to KBVG garu and asked him to chew on them while watching the setting sun. KBVG garu followed Swamiji’s instruction. Swamiji assured KBVG garu that his health will improve and that he should remain strong. In that way, KBVG garu had his first darshan of Swamiji.

After KBVG garu returned to Hyderabad, like Swamiji had assured, his health improved in some time. He then wrote a letter to me stating that it was purely because of Swamiji that his health condition had improved and that Swamiji had blessed him with a new life. He also said that he would dedicate his entire life in doing service to Swamiji. Following that, KBVG garu had attained complete and undoubted faith in Swamiji. It was during the same time that we toured Tamil Nadu, returned to Srisailam with Gurumatha and Gurupaadukas and I was promoted at work.

Following Sri Poornananda Swamy’s command, I accepted the promotion and started preparing to leave for Pochampaadu. Meanwhile, Ramana baba, who was staying with Swamiji in Hatakeswaram, fell ill. The doctors said that he swiftly had to be given proper medical treatment. Swamiji instructed me to make sure that Ramana Baba was given the needed medical attention. There was a highly reputed hospital in BHEL, Hyderabad. My friend KBVG garu was working in BHEL at that time. I decided to take Ramana Baba to Hyderabad, as I would also have KBVG garu’s help. Swamiji agreed to it and asked me to take Ramana Baba to Hyderabad in a car. KBVG garu suggested that we could get Gurumatha’s vision treated in Hyderabad as well. After taking Swamiji’s permission, I took Gurumatha and Ramana Baba to KBVG garu’s house in Hyderabad.

Raman Baba was being given medical treatment in a hospital there. KBVG garu stayed in Ramana Baba’s company and took good care of him. Meanwhile, I went to Pochampaadu to sign the joining orders and from there, went to Hatakeswaram to have Swamiji’s darshan. Gurumatha laid down the condition that she would be treated for her poor vision only in the presence of Swamiji. For that reason, Swamiji also accompanied me to Hyderabad. Back then, there was a doctor by name Vempati Suryanarayana garu in Musheerabad. He would stay in Tenali for half of the month and the other half in Musheerabad. He was the most reputed doctor in the state of Andhra. Swamiji, KBVG garu and I took Gurumatha to him. The doctor was overwhelmed on having Swamiji’s darshan. He performed two medical treatments to Gurumatha. After the treatment, Gurumatha, Swamiji and Ramana Baba stayed back in KBVG garu’s house. Swamiji sent Ramana Baba to Madras asking him to visit his mother. Soon after, I left to Pochampaadu. Gurumatha and Swamiji continued to stay in KBVG garu’s house in BHEL. KBVG garu had a lot of friends and in that way, many people had the darshan of Swamiji in Hyderabad. Important devotees like Ram Mohan Rao garu and Seeta Rama Raju garu also had their first darshan of Swamiji in KBVG garu’s house. Even though I had moved to Pochampaadu, my thoughts always stayed with Swamiji. I would visit Swamiji and Gurumatha in Hyderabad at every chance possible.

KBVG garu's family and BRK garu with Sri Swamiji, 1970

to be continued...

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