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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 4

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

After having Swamiji’s darshan, the curiosity to know more about Him grew in me. For that reason, I befriended Ramana Baba, who was staying along with Swamiji. Ramana Baba told me all that he knew about Swamiji and also narrated the incident of his meeting with Swamiji.


On the auspicious day of Karthika Pournami, Sri Rakhadi Baba(Sri Omkarananda Swamy) gave ‘Kashaya’ deeksha to Swamiji and named him Poornananda. Soon after that, Baba and Swamiji went to Ganeshpuri, the abode of Sri Nithyananda Bhagwan. From the Karthika Pournami of 1968, Baba and Swamiji stayed in Ganeshpuri for 43 days. After 43 days, on Baba’s instructions, Swamiji who was clad in a koupina, set on his journey to Shirdi by walk.

On the way to Shirdi, Swamiji fell ill and was unable to walk any further. He took shelter by some cement pipes that were built for a culvert near-by. A few beggars who were dwelling by those pipes recognized that Swamiji was a great soul and with utmost care, prepared a meal for Him. Swamiji, who is always filled with compassion for every living being alike, accepted their devotion in the form of that meal. He rested for a while and continued his journey to Shirdi.

A miraculous event occurred in Shirdi. In those days, the place was not as crowded as it is now. This incident happened in January 1969. In the Samadhi Mandir of Shirdi Sai, as Swamiji was approaching closer to the Samadhi, a flock of Sai devotees arrived. One of the devotees flung a flower garland into the air, hoping it would adorn Shirdi Sai. The garland however fell around Swamiji’s neck. The devotees were astonished on seeing that and started to gather around Swamiji to have Shirdi Sai’s darshan in Swamiji’s form. In an attempt to get away from the crowd, Swamiji went into a room situated near to the Samadhi Mandir.

In that room, a sadhu was performing an intense deeksha to obtain Shirdi Sai’s darshan and was even prepared to leave his body. Upon entering the room, Swamiji gave darshan in the form of Shirdi Sai to that sadhu. The sadhu was none other than Ramana Baba, who attained boundless joy on seeing Swamiji. Ramana Baba, fully convinced that Shirdi Sai has come to him in this form, requested Swamiji for a mantra-deeksha. Swamiji replied,

“It is better to lose your life to penance, than to unwanted efforts”.

Considering Swamiji as his Guru, Raman Baba pleaded Swamiji to direct him towards a place suited for his penance. Swamiji, along with Ramana Baba, then left from Shirdi and while assessing different places for penance, reached Mantralayam. In the presence of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in Mantralayam, Swamiji recollected that His father, Sri Subrahmanya Shastry, mentioned to Him about the holy place of Srisailam. Swamiji and Ramana Baba, then left Mantralayam and reached Srisailam.

In the same year, elaborate poojas and homams were conducted in the Srisailam temple, for the welfare of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Coincidently, the homams concluded and Poornaahuthi was performed on the very day that Swamiji stepped into Srisailam. In this way, we can infer that through the intentness of those homams, Srisailam was blessed by the arrival of HH Sri Swamy Poornananda.

In this way, Ramana Baba travelled with Swamiji from Shirdi to Srisailam, and then ultimately to Hatakeswaram. Ramana Baba expressed his desire of performing the Panchagni Tapassu at least once in his lifetime, to Swamiji. He also requested Swamiji that he would be blessed to do so in Swamiji’s presence. Swamiji then instructed us to make arrangements for the Panchagni Tapassu at the Hatakewara ashram.

Sri Swamiji guiding Ramana Baba through Panchagni Homam

The Pachagni Homam began towards the end of April, 1969 and went on for about 40 days under Swamiji’s guidance. Along with Ramana Baba, even Namahsivaya Swamy took part in the homam. After 40 days, the poornaahuthi was conducted with much grandeur. Hatakeswara ashram scintillated with the arrival of priests from the temple of Srisailam and our project colony’s Ramalayam’s devotees. As we watched Swamiji chant the poornaahuthi mantras, we all transferred into a state of euphoria. Towards the end of poornaahuthi, a man from Guntur came looking for Swamiji. Swamiji spoke to the man in a very friendly way and before I could know who he was, Swamiji informed that He was leaving to Guntur. I grew anxious on seeing somebody take Swamiji away from us.


to be continued...

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