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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 6

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

On seeing the paadapooja that was performed in our house to Swamiji, Annamraju Ramakrishna garu expressed his desire to do the same in his house and requested to make the needed arrangements. The next day, Ramakrishna garu and his family performed paadapooja to Swamiji.


The next day, Ramakrishna garu took Swamiji, Ramana Baba and me to Jillellamudi. It is in Guntur district, near to Bapatla. Jillellamudi Amma’s name is 'Matrusri Anasooya Devi'. Amma was born in 1923, in a village named Mannava (Guntur district). In 1936, She was married to Sri Brahmandam Nageswara Rao garu. After that, She settled down in Jillellamudi. Devotees from all over the world would come for Amma’s darshan and She was acclaimed and worshiped as 'Vishwajanani', Mother of the Universe.

Sri Jillelamudi Amma

We were all longing to see how the meeting between Amma and Swamiji would take place and what conversation would happen between them. After reaching Jillellamudi, along with Swamiji, Ramana Baba and I went to have Amma’s darshan. Swamiji and Amma sat across each other. We were anxious about what they would talk to each other but they both remained quiet. After a while, Swamiji broke the silence and said,

“The motherless Shiva at last found His Mother”.

In this way, Swamiji established Amma’s stature along with His own stature in a single sentence.

Ramana Baba and I stayed with Swamiji for 4 days in Jilellamudi. Swamiji decided to go to His taposthanam from there and informed me that He did not intend to return to Srisailam. Meanwhile, Amma said to Swamiji,

“My dear, I wish to present Kashaya vastrams (saffron clothes) to you. You will anyway visit me in the coming month, right? I will give them to you then”.

I went till the Bapatla railway station to bid farewell to Swamiji, who was being accompanied by Ramana Baba. As Swamiji boarded the train, I pleaded, “Swamiji, kindly come back”.

To that, Swamiji replied, “We shall see”.

I handed Rs.10 to Ramana Baba and asked him to drop a telegram or make a call on their way back from Madras. I offered to meet them in Ongole and travel with them to Jillellamudi. In this way, Swamiji left for his taposthanam. With a heavy heart and desperately hoping that Swamiji would return, I left to Srisailam.

Sri Swamiji with Annamraju Madhavarao garu's family, June 1969


to be continued...

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