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|| Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe || - 9

Foreword by the author - B Radha Krishna Murthy (BRK)

There are many places in India that are renowned for their spiritual importance. It can be said that, among those places, Srisailam holds a unique prominence for itself. The place has been popular from the 2nd Century. History tells us that Srisailam is the abode of Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Sri Brahmaramba Devi. Another key factor giving Srisailam its importance is that is both a Shaktipeetham and a Jyothirlingam. Krishna river flows northward through Srisailam and the place is situated atop a mountain, amid a forest. Many saints have come here in the past to do penance. Talking about the significance of Srisailam, Swamiji once said that this is the land on which great saints like Ashtaavakra Maharshi, Sage Agasthya and Dattatreya Swamy have traversed. At Paaladhaara-Panchadhaara, Sri Adisankaracharya has penned Shivananda Lahari. He also describes the importance of Srisailam through some of the slokas. Talking about the significance of our ashram, Swamiji said that when a sadhaka does his/her sadhana in either a holy place or a place with a river or a forest or in Guru sannidhi, the sadhaka will reach great heights spiritually. Not only is our ashram home to all the above-mentioned, but also has our Paramaguru Sannidhi (Sri Rakhadi Baba’s padukas), making all of us extremely blessed. A place like Srisailam that holds such eminence, is visited by devotees and travelers across the country on a daily basis.


A traveler once visited Srisailam and as he was touring the places around, came to Hatakeswaram. At that time, some of the devotees including me, were present. The traveler was enthralled on seeing Swamiji. Curious to know more, he enquired Swamiji who He was. As a reply to that, Swamiji sang a stuthi.

We were all overjoyed on hearing Swamiji sing that stuthi. The traveler, who also was filled with great happiness, prostrated before Swamiji and resumed his journey. Senior Satyanarayana garu happened to write down this Aatmastuthi as Swamiji sang it. Later, some of us noted it down too. Swamiji wrote the Aatmastuthi with His own hands in Tamil language and gave it to His childhood friend, Sri Krishna Shankar garu.

Athmasthuthi, that was sung by Sri Swamiji:

Aham Brahma Roopi, Brahma Swaroopi | Aham Shiva Roopi, Shiva Swaroopi ||

Aham Sarva Roopi, Sarva Swaroopi | Aham Sarva Vyaapi, Aham Sarva Sakshi ||

Aham Aananda Roopi, Mangala Swaroopi | Aham Viswa Roopi, Aham Viraat Roopi ||

Aham Nitya Roopi, Nirmala Swaroopi | Aham Nirvikalpi, Aham Nirvikaari ||


to be continued...

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